2019/20 Premier League Season (First Half) LFC Home Game Tickets Application for Anfield’s 12th Members

*** Details for the 2019/20 Premier League Season (First Half) LFC Home Game Tickets Application will be announced shortly after the Premier League fixture has been announced on 13th June 2019. Details below are subject to change according to the arrangements of Liverpool Football Club. Please stay tuned for the most updated news! ***

If you are interested to apply tickets through Anfield’s 12th, you must be:

  • Holder of 2019/20 LFC Official Membership with Full, Light, Teen Red or Mighty Red category, International category does not have the privilege to apply for tickets.
  • Holder of OLSC Hong Kong Region and Macau – Anfield’s 12th Season 2019/20 Membership
  • Pick “Hong Kong Region and Macau Supporters Club” as your “Supporters Club” in your LFC Official Membership setting (www.liverpoolfc.com/my-account/dash)

If you have already become an owner of LFC Official Membership but you have not pick us as your Supporters Club, please do so according to the guidelines below:

  1. Visit https://members.liverpoolfc.com and click “My Account” after you have logged in.

2. Please scroll down to the “Supporters Club” session which located near the bottom of the page. Pick “Hong Kong Region and Macau Supporters Club” from the dropdown box and click “Save”, then you are good to go!

Due to the number of games could be applied by OLSC are limited, not all home games could be applied by us. LFC will not announce the number of tickets to be allocated for OLSC around the world. Anfield’s 12th will only apply for the tickets which our members are intended to buy. The procedures and instructions are as below:

  1. Each applicant must be already a valid current season A12 membership owner and also an owner of LFC Official Full / Light / Teen Red / Mighty Red Membership.
  2. Each member can only apply one ticket from one out of the nine home games of the first half season; 
  3. Every applicant must be either living in Hong Kong or Macau, also the address stated in the LFC Official Membership has to match with the address they provided to A12 on their membership application form. If the addresses provided to us and LFC Official Membership does not match, the application will be considered as invalid and ticket fee will not be refunded (if applicable).
  4. Every applicant must ensure the information provided are accurate and consistent during the whole season, if Liverpool Football Club and A12 discovered there is any inaccurate or mismatched information (before or after successful application), the ticket that allocated to the applicant might become invalid and being rejected for entrance. Applicant will have to take their full responsibility and all ticket fee will not be refunded;
  5. The category, seat and price of the ticket will only be announced after LFC has informed Anfield’s 12th, the estimated price is about HK$600;
  6. LFC will not provide paper tickets for successful applicants, members will have to use their own LFC Official Membership Card for accessing the stadium;
  7. Members who wish to apply will have to fill in this Google Form on or before 18th June 2019 22:00;
  8. Anfield’s 12th will send out confirmation email to every applicants after the deadline, priority applicants will have to pay the ticket deposit HK$600 (Any surplus money will be refunded, while any shortfall will have to be made up by the applicants) on or before 20th June 2019 22:00, for those who failed to complete the transaction on time will be regarded as giving up the application. The corresponding quota will be shifted to the backup list members (If applicable);
  9. Anfield’s 12th will only apply for the tickets which our members are intended to buy, we expect LFC will inform every OLSC the result of the application in early July, then we will inform our applicants the results as soon as possible;
  10. If Anfield’s 12th do not get allocated enough tickets for all of our applicants, the tickets will be allocated to them according to their application time;
  11. Allocated tickets cannot be cancelled or amended unless there is any announcement or arrangement made by LFC regardingly. Ticket fee will not be refunded;
  12. If there is any surplus ticket money after deducting it from the ticket deposit, the surplus ticket money will be refunded;
  13. Unless notice or arrangements from Liverpool Football Club have been received, allocated tickets cannot be cancelled or amended, ticket fee will not be refunded;
  14. Ticket deposit will be refunded as soon as possible if the application has been failed for an applicant;
  15. The whole application will be cancelled without notice if any incomplete or discrepancy are to be found;
  16. If multiple applications from the same member are to be found (no matter the purpose is for updating the personal information or simply duplicated applications), the timestamp of the latest application will be used by our committees when arranging the order of the applications;
  17. Liverpool Football Club and A12 reserve the right on the final decision on the execution of the ticket application and corresponding terms & conditions.

Application Form: (To be updated)

Please feel free to contact us through Email or Facebook Page if you have any questions regarding to this application, YNWA!

Official Liverpool Supporters Club Hong Kong Region & Macau – Anfield’s 12th

利物浦 (香港及澳門) 官方球迷會