LFC Official Membership Owner Connecting with Anfield’s 12th on LFC Ticketing System

If you wish to watch a Premier League home game at Anfield for the upcoming season by getting a standard price ticket through us, besides being one of our members, a member of the LFC Official Membership, picking us as your Supporters Club, there is one more step away from it. That is to connect your LFC Official Membership with us on the LFC Ticketing system! Please refer to the steps below in order to connect with us.

1. Visit https://tickets.liverpoolfc.com/

2. Click “Login” on top right hand corner.

3. Enter your LFC Official Membership Fan Card Number and Password, click “Login”.

4. Then you will see the main page of the Ticketing System. Click “MY ACCOUNT” and then “FRIENDS AND FAMILY”.

5. Enter our OLSC Number and Name for connecting us on the Ticketing System:

Customer’s Fan Card / Member Card Number : 11199961
Customer’s Surname: Branch Hong Kong Region/Macau

6. After you have entered the information mentioned above, click “ADD ME TO THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY”.

7. You will see the message above if you succeed in connecting with us on the system. After that please send us an Email with your Anfield’s 12th membership number, LFC Official Membership Fan Card Number, your English Surname, contact number and Email address to member@anfield.org.hk for confirmation.

8. After our committee have replied with a confirmation Email, when you login into the ticketing system you shall see a record of us in your FRIENDS AND FAMILY session. Now you are entitled to apply for the Premier League home game ticket through us!

*OLSC priority tickets application does not guarantee a successful application and the number of tickets being allocated. Liverpool Football Club reserves the right of final decision.

*If you wish you apply tickets through us for your friends and family members, please be reminded that they have to be a member of us and LFC Official Membership (Full, Light, Teen Red, Mighty Red) as well.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You may contact us by Email or facebook inbox .

Official Liverpool Supporters Club Hong Kong Region & Macau - Anfield’s 12th

利物浦 (香港及澳門) 官方球迷會